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Date Topic Guest(s) Host(s) Video
2010-01-14 On Location: From Dancer to Music Librarian Arthur Leeth - Watch!
2009-12-06 Bonnie Mathis on Dancing for Antony Tudor Bonnie Mathis Gina Dailey Watch!
2009-12-05 On Location: The Nantucket Dance Festival 2009 Benjamin Millepied, Celine Cassone, Sebastien Marcovici Cinda Hill Watch!
2009-10-07 On Location: Music for Dancing Horses, Part 2 Dorothy Morkis, Erik Lindgren Gina Dailey Watch!
2009-09-29 On Location: Music for Dancing Horses, Part 1 Dorothy Morkis, Erik Lindgren Gina Dailey Watch!
2009-01-30 On Location: Paw de Dog at Festival Ballet Providence Mark Fleisher, Archie Cinda Hill Watch!
2008-10-29 On Location: 1001 Nights at Cincinnati Ballet Eldar Aliev, Victoria Morgan Shirley and Bud Frawley Watch!
2008-08-21 On Location: A Tour of BalletRox Janelle Gilchrist, Tony Williams, Steve Yakutis, Ilanga Stewart Wolfe Watch!
2008-08-11 On Location with Boston Ballet's Sarah Wroth: Advanced Ballet Technique Sarah Wroth Mark Greeley Watch!
2008-08-04 On Location in London with Ballet Sculptor Nathan David Nathan David Michael Noel Watch!
2008-04-28 On Location with Mark Harootian of Festival Ballet Providence Mark Harootian Bud Frawley Watch!
2008-03-21 On Location with Amanda McKerrow at Festival Ballet Providence Amanda McKerrow Shirley Frawley Watch!
2008-03-12 On Location with Archie the Festival Ballet Dog Mark Fleisher, Archie Shirley Frawley Watch!
2007-12-27 Looking Back on 95 Shows Mark Greeley Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-12-20 Ballroom Dancing Jean Kelly, Maita Rockoff Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-12-06 Watching Ballet Shirley Frawley, Bud Frawley Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-11-29 Dancing Horses: Dressage Freestyle Dorothy Morkis Gina Dailey Watch!
2007-11-15 Le Jeune Homme et La Mort Bonnie Mathis Gina Dailey Watch!
2007-11-08 Urban Nutcracker, Part 2 Stewart Wolfe, Alfonso Figueroa, Sean C. Fielder, Elizabeth Mochizuki Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-11-01 Nut/Cracked Jeffrey Kazin Bud Frawley Watch!
2007-10-18 Urban Nutcracker Ilanga (BalletRox), Sean C. Fielder (Boston Tap Company) Devin Hill Watch!
2007-10-11 Boston Ballet in Spain and in Boston Anthony Randazzo Maita Rockoff, Jean Kelley Watch!
2007-10-04 Choreographing Cinderella at Festival Ballet Providence Viktor Plotnikov Shirley Frawley Watch!
2007-09-27 Boston Ballet's Misa Kuranaga Misa Kuranaga Shirley Frawley Watch!
2007-09-20 In Spain with Boston Ballet Mikko Nissinen Jean Kelley Watch!
2007-09-06 Swing Dancing with sheBAM Elizabeth Miller, Davis Thurber Laura McCarthy Johnson Watch!
2007-06-21 A Conversation About Dance Education Sarah Wroth Mark Greeley Watch!
2007-05-10 Prometheus Dance Tommy Neblett Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-05-03 Giselle Maina Gielgud Mark Greeley Watch!
2007-04-26 Balanchine's The Four Temperaments Jonathan McPhee Mark Greeley Watch!
2007-04-19 Conversation with the Ballet Master Anthony Randazzo Maita Rockoff Watch!
2007-04-12 Kinodance Company Alissa Cardone, Ingrid Schatz Bud Frawley Watch!
2007-04-05 Dance Programs at the ICA David Henry Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-03-29 Competition Medal Winners Sylvia Deaton, Jeffrey Cirio Bud Frawley Watch!
2007-03-22 The Clare Sullivan School of Irish Step Dancing (Repeat) Clare Sullivan, Christina Alyward, Kerylyn Amiedo, Shayna Reed, Julia Edel Jean Kelley Watch!
2007-03-15 Miracle Foods for Dancers Jessica Porter, David Snieckus, Jackie Bologna Laura McCarthy Johnson Watch!
2007-03-08 SALSAlort Latin Dance Company Javier Salort, Melanie Salort Laura McCarthy Johnson Watch!
2007-03-01 The Dance Complex (Repeat) Rozann Kraus Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-02-22 The Legat System of Classical Ballet Training Deborah Mason, Nina Pillar, Marina Chiesa Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-02-15 Dancer/Choreographer Anna Myer Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-02-08 Musical Theater Choreography Laurel Stachowicz, Molly Stachowicz, Charles Baldwin Laura McCarthy Johnson Watch!
2007-02-01 Why Watch Ballet? Gina Dailey, Mark Greeley Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-01-25 Gyrotonic® and Ballet Adriana Suarez Mark Greeley Watch!
2007-01-11 Choreographer/Teacher Margot Parsons Cinda Hill Watch!
2007-01-04 Melina of Daughters of Rhea Melinda Heywood Pavlata Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-12-28 Learning to Play the Violin John Ferguson Mark Greeley Watch!
2006-12-21 Meet the Dancer Joseph Morrissey Maita Rockoff unavailable
2006-12-14 The Clare Sullivan School of Irish Step Dancing Clare Sullivan, Christina Alyward, Kerylyn Amiedo, Shayna Reed, Julia Edel Jean Kelley Watch!
2006-12-07 Nutcracker at José Mateo's Ballet Theatre José Mateo, Sybil Watkins Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-11-30 BalleCore™ Nancy Jesson, Renee Hill Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-11-16 The Boston Ballet Costume Shop - Maita Rockoff and Jean Kelley Watch!
2006-11-09 BalletRox and the Urban Nutcracker Anthony Williams, Elizabeth Mochizuki Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-11-02 Snappy Dance Martha Mason, Jonathan Bachrach, Carey McKinley Foster, Bonnie Duncan Maita Rockoff Watch!
2006-10-26 Nut/Cracked David Parker Susan Richardson Watch!
2006-10-19 The Boston Ballet Studios - Maita Rockoff and Jean Kelley Watch!
2006-10-05 Dancing Don Quixote with Nureyev Laura Young and Arthur Leeth Shirley Frawley Watch!
2006-09-28 Ballet, Ballroom & Home Renovation Michael Johnson Bud Frawley Watch!
2006-09-21 Taking Steps at Boston Ballet Brynn Hale Shirley Frawley Watch!
2006-05-25 Summer Stages Dance 2006 Richard Colton, Alissa Cardone Bud Frawley Watch!
2006-05-18 Boston Ballet's Adriana Suarez Adriana Suarez Mark Greeley Watch!
2006-05-04 Measuring Progress in the Dance Studio David Alexander Shirley Frawley Watch!
2006-04-27 Boston Ballet's Sarah Wroth Sarah Wroth Mark Greeley Watch!
2006-04-20 The Harvard Dance Center Elizabeth Bergmann Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-04-13 Boston Ballet's Resident Choreographer Jorma Elo Maita Rockoff Watch!
2006-04-06 The Dance Complex Rozann Kraus Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-03-31 Commonwealth Ballet Company Chip Morris, Marisa Franklin,
Aya Muramatsu
Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-03-24 Boston Ballet's Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen Jean Kelley Watch!
2006-03-10 Boston Ballet's Principal Pianist Freda Locker Bud Frawley Watch!
2006-03-03 Story Ballets vs. Repertory Ballets Anthony Randazzo Maita Rockoff Watch!
2006-02-24 Rebecca Rice Dance Rebecca Rice, Anne-Marie Cofield Shirley Frawley Watch!
2006-02-17 Dance Shoes Steven Adelson of Teddy Shoes Cinda Hill Watch!
2006-02-10 Dancer Health Dr. Lyle Micheli Cinda Hill Watch!
2005-07-29 Summer Stages Dance 2005, part 2 many Bud & Shirley Frawley Watch!
2005-07-08 Summer Stages Dance 2005 Richard Colton Bud Frawley Watch!
2005-06-24 Creating a Ballet Company, Part 2 Sydney Leonard, Cynthia Price-Glynn Shirley Frawley Watch!
2005-06-17 Introducing James Whiteside James Whiteside Bud Frawley Watch!
2005-06-10 Photographing Ballet Eric Antoniou Jean Kelley Watch!
2005-05-27 Boston Ballet's South Shore Studio Christine Busch, Andria Ronne Maita Rockoff Watch!
2005-05-13 The Helsinki International Ballet Competition Melissa Hough Maita Rockoff Watch!
2005-05-06 Raw Dance Gianni Di Marco, Viktor Plotnikov Shirley Frawley Watch!
2005-04-29 Music of The Sleeping Beauty Jonathan McPhee Bud Frawley Watch!
2005-04-22 Creating a Ballet Company Sydney Leonard, Cynthia Price-Glynn Bud Frawley Watch!
2005-04-15 Sound in the Theater John Allen Mark Greeley Watch!
2005-04-08 Walnut Hill School Ballet Program Sam Kurkjian Jean Kelley Watch!
2005-04-01 Ballet and Ballroom Carlos Gutierrez, Christina Iannelli Maita Rockoff Watch!
2005-03-25 Choreography of Carmen at Festival Ballet Providence Viktor Plotnikov, Leticia Guerrero,
Marissa Leigh Gomer
Susan Richardson Watch!
2005-03-18 Adaptive Dance Program Michelina Cassella, Gianni Di Marco Shirley Frawley Watch!
2005-03-11 Sydelle Gomberg Life and Career Sydelle Gomberg, Chip Robinson, Keven Jeffrey Meg Morton Watch!
2005-03-04 La Sylphide Costumes Ken Busbin, Emily Bisol Meg Morton Watch!
2005-02-25 La Sylphide Arthur Leeth Shirley Frawley Watch!
2005-02-11 Training of a Male Dancer Chris Hird, Luca Sbrizzi,
James Fuller, X. Ferreira, J. Payne, Lauren Fitzpatrick
Cinda Hill Watch!
2005-02-04 Yuriko and the Boston Conservatory Dance Program Yuriko, Yasuko Tokunaga, Emiko Tokunaga Cinda Hill & Mark Greeley Watch!
2005-01-28 Exposure to Ballet - Cinda Hill Watch!
2005-01-21 Ballet Competitions Maggie Firman-Turner Cinda Hill Watch!
2005-01-14 CityDance Dean Vollick, Jillian Scales Maita Rockoff Watch!
2005-01-07 Boston Ballet Costume Shop Volunteers Carol Schwartz, Martina Flynn Meg Morton Watch!
2004-12-17 Music and Ballet Arthur Leeth Jean Kelly Watch!
2004-12-10 Ballet Students in Boston Ballet's Nutcracker Chris Hird, Catherine Arnold,
Alejandro Diaz, Luca Sbrizzi
Cinda Hill Watch!
2004-12-03 José Mateo's Nutcracker José Mateo, Robert Thurston-Lighty Susan Richardson Watch!
2004-11-26 Boston Ballet's "Taking Steps" Program Mila Thigpen, Stephanie Molina Shirley Frawley Watch!
2004-11-19 Life after Dance Arthur Leeth, Dierdre Miles Burger Jean Kelley Watch!
2004-11-12 Backstage Secrets of a Stage Manager Janet Howes Susan Richardson Watch!
2004-11-05 Boston Ballet II and Training, Male vs Female Katherine Hartsell, Daniel Benavides Cinda Hill Watch!
2004-10-29 What is a Supernumerary? Michael Kline, Paula Goldberg, Bud Frawley Meg Morton Watch!
2004-10-22 Life as a Dancer Michael Johnson Shirley Frawley Watch!
2004-10-01 Dance for Special Needs Children Gianni Di Marco Shirley Frawley Watch!
2004-09-24 How to Choreograph Viktor Plotnikov, Misha Djuric Susan Richardson Watch!
2004-09-17 Production of a Ballet Ben Phillips, Carrie Dirats Jean Kelley Watch!
2004-09-10 Training of a Dancer Rebecca Rice, Jillian St. Germaine Shirley Frawley Watch!
2004-09-03 How to Watch Ballet Jeffrey Gantz, Tommine McCarthy Susan Richardson Watch!

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